The Port Susan Middle School Counseling Program is an integral part of the total school environment.  The counseling program encourages student growth in the areas of academics, social/emotional, personal, and career (goal setting).

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Counselor’s Corner- December 2017


Research shows that when students are in school and on time, they do better academically.  When school is interrupted by absences and being tardy, it becomes difficult for a student to catch up.  Even if a student works to copy notes or make up missed work, they will never have the experience of the important components of instruction, class discussions, and explanations by the teacher.

Student success in school is dependent on a strong educational background which involves regular school attendance.  Below are some tips that may help if this is an area of concern for your student.

  • Avoid scheduling family trips and appointments during school hours.
  • Discuss with your student what happened during the school day.
  • Support school rules.
  • Be a good example for your student. If students see parents take off work for no real reason, they may expect to do the same.
  • School is their job right now so talk with your student about the importance of good attendance at work and school.
  • Have your student organize their school materials the night before to eliminate last minute scrambling.
  • Set a regular bedtime to allow your student plenty of sleep on school nights.

Help us do our job by supporting your student in school and instilling good attendance habits which will help your student in the long run.

Keli Niegemann


Source: Information from the Parent Institute

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