The Port Susan Middle School Counseling Program is an integral part of the total school environment.  The counseling program encourages student growth in the areas of academics, social/emotional, personal, and career (goal setting).

Your school counselor: Keli Niegemann


Counselor’s Corner- March 2018


There are many resources in our community to aide families that encounter distress and difficulty. Catholic Community Services is offering an open group for parents who want to understand Substance Use Disorders. This support will be in the form of bi-weekly groups with the goal of providing tools and strategies for parents witnessing changes in their family. This service is offered at our Lincoln Hill High School Campus. Cheryl Schuman is the contact for anyone wishing more information. Please contact Cheryl at 360-629-1309. The introductory group will begin on February 13, 2018.

Additionally, there are many resource that you may not be aware of. You can click on “resources” at the bottom of my counseling page on our Port Susan Middle School website or contact me at Port Susan Middle School if you are having questions or in need of some assistance.

I look forward to working with our students and their families to help to provide support and guidance.


Keli Niegemann


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You may contact PSMS’s Counselor, Keli Niegemann

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