The Port Susan Middle School Counseling Program is an integral part of the total school environment.  The counseling program encourages student growth in the areas of academics, social/emotional, personal, and career (goal setting).

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Counselor’s Corner-October 2017

Adolescents can be under a lot of pressure and uncertainty. It is a time of trying hard to fit in, do well in school and adjust to new changes at each grade level, and deal with peer pressure. In addition to this, many children are also facing emotional difficulties and trauma. Building resiliency skills are important to develop in order to be successful during life’s challenges. Fortunately, these skills can be learned!

Developing strong skills in relation to resiliency, doesn’t mean a student will not experience difficulty or hardship. However, these skills can help a student manage stress, pain, loss, and other trauma. Parents can help their children develop resiliency. Listed below are some of the many tips one can learn to help build on this overtime.

Friendships: When we connect with others and have a strong social network, it strengthens resiliency. It’s important for students to understand how to make friends as well as be a friend. Teaching and modeling empathy is a great way to start.

Routine:  Establishing routines are a comfort for people, especially young people. Structure helps students to feel safe and always know what to expect.

Self-Care:  Be a good example of this for your child. This includes eating healthy, exercising, sleep, and leaving time in your schedule to relax. It’s important not to have every moment of one’s day filled with activities.

Perspective:  Even though times may be difficult, it’s important to be able to look to the future and be optimistic. When we can look at a situation, keep it in perspective, and keep a positive outlook, it helps students to view a current, difficult situation and learn that the future can still be good.

Helping Others: One way to strengthen helplessness is by helping others. Volunteer work has an amazing way of doing just as much for the person doing the volunteering. When students see their parents volunteer and helping others, it’s terrific role modeling too.

Our middle school children are looking to teachers, friends, and parents to help them feel secure and safe. Help your child keep a positive perspective about life and reinforce empathy.  Talk with your child about the stress in your life and how you worked through difficult times. Encourage your child to help at home and experience what their positive actions do for their family as well as volunteering to help others.  

Building resiliency is a life-long process and is different for everyone. We want to provide our children with as many tools as we can to help them in this journey of life.

Keli Niegemann



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